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Why Pay More?

Veterinary Clinics approach pricing and services in two ways. One way is to price as low as possible to get as many clients into the clinic as possible. Services are provided in as quick a manor as possible in order to treat as many patients as possible in one day. Some of these clinics can quote and offer cheap prices on common services and then attach hidden costs that are not mentioned until it is time to pay the bill.

Wynne Veterinary Clinic uses the second approach. We offer quality services and provide individual attention to our clients and patients. When a pet has surgery in our clinic, someone stays with it until it is fully awake, and the next surgery of the day is not started until the first patient is fully recovered and doing well. Clients are given personal attention and time is taken to answer all their questions and address their concerns to the best of our ability. We research the products we sell and only offer products and services that we believe in. Rather then trying to see a maximum number of patients in one day we give 110% to the patient's we do see. We charge fair prices for the services we offer. We strive to offer the best medicine and care, not the cheapest.

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