Frequently Asked Questions
What's A Teacup?A very small Chihuahua is sometimes referred to as a "teacup" or a "tiny teacup" for the
exceptionally small ones. There are breeders who use these terms to make you think you are getting something
special and will charge more these "teacups". Please don't be fooled, just as in other breeds some will be smaller
than the usual size and some will be bigger. You shouldn't be paying more for a smaller size Chihuahua, in fact
what you will be getting is a dog that will be susceptible to a lot of health problems not to mention its fragility will
make it prone to a lot of nasty accidents which often lead to a shortened lifespan.
Are Chihuahuas Bad Tempered?Chihuahuas are described as having terrier-like qualities which generally mean
they are high strung and don't take easily to strangers. Just like people differ in character and personality the
same is true of Chihuahuas. Some may have an inborn aggressiveness while others are quite docile and
submissive in nature (in layman's terms referred to as "the weenies"). As with all dogs a lot depends on the effort
you put into training. Train it properly, socialize your new puppy as soon as possible by introducing it to other
people and dogs and chances are you will have a well behaved dog.
What makes Teary Eyes?This is common in a tiny dog with large eyes that are so very close to the floor. The same
sparkling, saucy eyes that an owner will often fall instantly in love with act like a magnet to every bit of dust and
dirt that can be blown or kicked up.  Tears are natures way of cleansing the eye while keeping it moist.  The
Chihuahuas tears should be clear and have the consistency of water, a Veterinarian should check any discharge or
color as soon as possible. Do not use human medication on the eyes without the advice of their veterinarian.
Do Chihuahuas Bark Constantly? No more so than other dogs. What make other dogs bark are the same things
that make Chihuahuas bark. Again, it all comes down to training. Teach your dog to stay quiet and it will.
Are Chihuahuas Easily Trained? Ever notice how for some people things come easily and for others it's a real
struggle? Well that's the same with dogs, including Chihuahuas. Some catch on easily and for others it takes a
while, but all are trainable and all have the potential to put on a little show for your guests, showing off what you
taught them to do.
Harness or Collar?Chihuahuas should never where a collar, only a harness. Toy dogs such as the Chihuahua have
very delicate throats and are susceptible to a condition called a collapsing trachea (a weakened windpipe) which
causes breathing problems. A collar puts pressure on the throat and can play apart in setting off the condition or
worsening an existing one. So always use a harness when taking dog for a walk.
Are Chihuahuas Good With Kids?
That's a tough one. A tiny dog and small kids sometimes don't make a good match. Simply put its' small size
together with active kids around can get dog easily hurt, but that doesn't mean if you have kids Chihuahuas are
out of the question. As far as Chihuahuas taking to kids goes, they become attached and loyal to anyone who is a
part of the household. You should however consider getting one that will reach 5 or more pounds when grown.
Teach your kids to have respect for and gentleness towards animals and under no circumstances should you leave
a toddler or infant alone with a dog, any dog, no matter whether it's friendly and good natured, or a puppy or
Do Chihuahuas Live Shorter Than Other Dogs?No. The average lifespan of dogs is around 12-15 years. Generally
Chihuahuas live to be around 15 and it's not unusual for them to live into the late teens.
What's That Snorting Sound?Those with not only Chihuahuas but those with other toy breeds are probably
familiar with that snorting sound many of them sometimes make, sort of giving the impression like they have
something stuck up their nose and they're trying to blow it out. It's often referred to as "reverse sneezing" or
"reverse coughing". The reason it happens to toy dogs and not to other breeds is because small dogs have much
narrower airways and at times, such as when they get overly excited, more air gets taken in than their little bodies
can handle, or so I heard. In any case it's usually harmless and nothing to be concerned about, but if it is
persistent it could be a sign of collapsing trachea a problem which should be checked