1. Is proud of their dogs and their facilities and will be happy to show you the parents and where
the puppies are raised. Beware of anyone who brings out one pup at a time from behind closed
doors or won't show you the parents, if they act like they have something to hide, THEY DO!
2. Guarantees the health of their puppies against genetic defects for refund or replacement, and
does not have a problem putting it in writing. Beware of anyone who only guarantees their pups for
a few days....(you take it to the vet in 3 - 5 days, if it dies on the 6 - 9 day that's your problem.)
This is NOT a responsible breeder.
3. Has their dogs best interest at heart, they will tell you if they think a breed is not right for you,
not try to high pressure you into buying. They are more concerned about what the pup thinks of
you than what you think of the pup.
4. Is knowledgeable and encourages questions before AND after purchase. The more you know the
better you can care for the puppy.
5. Is always trying to improve, their line, their facilities, everything for the dogs that depend on
and put their trust in them.
6. A responsible breeder may or may not show their dogs. That makes them no better or worse, no
more or less knowledgeable, no more or less caring. There are good and bad breeders everywhere.
Everyone who shows is not a reputable breeder, just like everyone who chooses not to show is not a
bad breeder or puppy mill. No one should ever make such generalizations.

BACKYARD BREEDERS. They call themselves "breeders", but about the only thing they know
about breeding is to put two dogs of each sex together. They know little or nothing about genetics
or heredity. They do not breed to produce quality, healthy pups, they breed because the male down
the street is handy.
Some might say, "but it's cheaper"...trust me you get what you pay for. A good breeder puts alot
of time, effort and money in their pups, to assure you will have a happy, healthy pet, and will be
there for you if by chance there is an unforeseen problem. Yes, a pup from a good breeder will cost
more. A Cadillac costs more than a Honda. If someone’s only concern is price, they should go to
the local Humane Society. If you want a pet that's socialized, healthy, well bred & guaranteed, go
to a reputable breeder