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  • Excerpts From The Book

"Electric Baby": The girls continued to laugh at their baby sister, and Lisa planted a cluster of kisses all over Faremaís syrup-covered face.

Then, as quickly as the puzzling display had begun, it was over. It lasted only a few seconds, but it left a deep sense of dread in my soul. Iíd never seen anything like it. My three older girls had never behaved like that when they were babies, and I had spent enough time around other peopleís children to know that what I had just observed wasnít normal.

"Like Ice": I felt certain that a miracle was unfolding before me, that skating was awakening something in Farema that she had never experienced before. It was no accident that we had stumbled across the ice arena that afternoon. I had run out of ideas, but God hadnít. He had known all along what would make her heart sing, and I was certain that he had orchestrated this incredible experience for her at just this moment in time.

"A Few Little Tests": I was as happy to have this warm and wonderful friend to hold my baby, as Linda was to offer her love and support. Sometimes, when exhausted after an especially rough night walking the floors with Fee, Iíd tease Linda about taking this baby until she was ďall grown upĒ to give me a break. Linda knew I was kidding, but offered her loving arms to hold Farema while I caught up with things around the house.