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Dr. Barbara Wynne

Dr. Barbara Jean Wynne is the veterinarian who takes care of my furry babies. She is such a wonderful veterinarian I had to dedicate a web page to her. Dr. Wynne attended veterinarian college at Oregon State University. She specializes in small animals, and is especially wonderful with my chinchillas. Dr. Wynne also handles many exotic pets.

Dr. Wynne has two dogs, a four year old Bull Mastiff named Maggiemae "the Princess", and her two year old son, Reggie. She also has three cats; Sassyfire, Pig, and Beamer.

In the last year I have seen her expert care of dogs, cats, birds, rodents and pocket pets. She is a veterinarian dedicated to her job and her patients. She has stayed in the clinic until the early hours of the morning caring for a dog having seizures, although the dog was sleeping comfortably she did not want to leave him until his temperature had gone down. Dr. Wynne personally provides the night time care for all intensive care patients rather than leaving them alone or in the care of an assistant.

Dr. Wynne is thorough in her examinations and looks for any abnormalities that may be early signs of problems for the pets. She does not rush through her examinations and takes the time to answer all of her clients questions and to make sure they understand all medication instructions.

She uses soothing voices and expert handling to calm nervous animals. She has gently handled my chinchillas and kept to a minimum the stress they felt during their exams and blood testing. Dr. Wynne realizes that choosing a veterinarian for your pet, is just as important as choosing a personal doctor and therefore she is happy to schedule appointments for prospective clients to meet her before they bring their pets to her. I have never found a veterinarian that gave such expert care to my pets. Now that I have found the best I will not trust anyone else with my babies. Dr. Wynne is a committed professional who enjoys her work and cares about her patients.


Dr. Jennifer Sarduy

Just call me Doctor Jennifer! Due to the difficulty in pronouncing my last name, I prefer to be called Dr. Jennifer.

Like Dr. Wynne , I am a graduate of Oregon State University. My interest and greatest passion is in exotics: reptiles, rodents and birds. I own six of my own chinchillas who are a source of great joy; and I occasionallyhave babies available . I also have a very noisy Amazon parrot, whose greatest joy is to throw food out of the kitchen cupboards!

In addition to exotics, I have big interestsin nutrition, behavior, and alternative medicines. My veterinary school thesis was on nutrition and how the differences between brands of pet foods and homemade diets impact the health of your pet. I am always happy to talk with you about what is the best food for your pet.

Together with the great staff at Wynne Veterinary Clinic, we strive to ensure the health and happiness of your best friend.