BellaChi's Flor De La Norte "Pearl"
sire is CH Donavin Sethfield Toast
Of The town "Magnum",Kansas
City, MO.
Three puppies sold to show homes.
One Tri Boy is currently under
evaluation, picture soon.
All our pups are top quality and healthy. Our main
purpose in breeding dogs is to have dogs that reflect the
Breed Standard, that are sound and exhibit sweet, loving
temperaments. Not all pups turn out to be "show dogs,"
as any honest breeder can tell you, and it is these pups
that we are able to make available to the public as
Proud Parents Envi's Footloose and
Fancy Free "Fanci" and CH PSA Barks
At The Moon "Barkley"', gave birth to
one handsome boy on Aug 22, 2008
This awesome litter was born Oct 8,
2008 to the proud parents: BellaChi's
Sassy Little Broad and CH PSA Barks
At The Moon. This photo is for viewing
purposes, litter is under evaluation.
This litter is 5 hrs old, parents: CH PSA
Barks At The Moon and BellaChi's Susie Q
Pedigree Susie

Pedigree Barkley
Picture for viewing only