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For many of the families, helping their child to become successful is a financial hardship. Our goal is to assist youths in becoming independent as quickly as possible.

Together lets help one more child become a successful adult, independently studying and working, becoming a contributing member of society. We can all celebrate in the success of a graduation from high school or college, sobriety or a first job. These steps to success may mean one less youth addicted or incarcerated, burdening their community.

Though we encourage family members and friends, as well as home churches to actively participate in supporting their youth through visits and prayer, some find financial support particularly hard.

You can help for as little as $200.00 per month. This provides matching funds for one youth participating in the program. Any amount is appreciated. Donation receipts are available.

S. C. Y. S. seeks assistance with donated items.

Second Chance Youth Service is in need of new and used items as we maintaining this Independent Living home. Many items are sent with youth when they are ready to leave this program and need to be replaced. If you, your church or organization would like to support the work of SCYS, please contact us. Below is a list of possible suggestions. Prayer support is appreciated.

Please contact us for program information. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

You can be a part of this wonderful challenge! Mentors are needed to encourage youth by sending cards and care packages. The holiday seasons, college years, new jobs, are all stressful times that are compounded by feelings of being alone. Someone to listen when they are overwhelmed by so much responsibility, takes a special mentor. Maybe you have overcome additions, experienced domestic violence or struggled as a teen and can offer encouragement to youth in those situations. Contact us to be matched with a youth needing your special encouragement.